To: Mike Ristuccia
Subject: Job Shadow

Hello Mr. Ristuccia,

Thank You for inviting Sloan's Welding & Fabrication to participate in Weed High School "Job Shadow" program.

Jeff and Doug used our Plasma-Cam machine to cut out this 4' X 4' Distinguished School Sign. Doug was able to help Jeff with removing some of the slag that is left on the sign after it was cut.

California Distinguished School Sign

Detail of Distinguished School sign

Sign on Mt. Shasta school

I would also like to mention what a respectful and responsible young man Doug is. We enjoyed his positive attitude and the interest he showed in considering welding & fabrication to be his chosen vocation.

As you know the choices for our local youth to learn "practical vocational" jobs are becoming extinct.

We hope to be involved in your program again.

Terrie Sloan
Custom Metal Art

Subject: RE: Job Shadow

Thank you for having Doug for the day.  Our job shadow program is one that we take pride in and it is community/business people like you and Jeff that help us prepare students for life after high school.  Thank you for the pictures and I will let you know if we have another student interested in the welding profession.

Mike Ristuccia, Principal
Weed High School


Thank you for the lovely metal art I purchased from you!

4-6-0 Steam Locomotive

Actually had a craftsman hang my train this morning and it looks great.  Below are a couple of photos.  I grew up on the railroad tracks of Somerville Texas where my Dad was an expert telegrapher and Station Agent.  I spent hours watching all of the old steam engines pass thru town.  So this art piece has a special meaning for me.

Image of 4-4-0 Ten Wheeler locomotive silhouette mounted on carport


Hi Terrie,

I think the last time we talked you were going to send me pictures of more art work that your husband has done.  I really love Mt Shasta it looks wonderful in my kitchen.  I would love to include more trees maybe other mountain animals?  Here is a picture of Shasta....I also love what John has picked out for his office, I am waiting for him to come home and hang them.

Mt. Shasta on kitchen cabinet

Thanks again for the wonderful art work; they will be enjoyed for a very long time to come.

T. H.

Just received my silhouette today, and frankly, I'm blown away. Like really, this is absolutely perfect.  Thanks so much!

Silhouette of cattle dog

Hi guys,

I got the artwork today.  Everything looks awesome!!!  Thanks so much for doing this and a bigger thanks for the bonus puppy dog piece.  We'll send more work your way.  Take care.


Hi Terrie,

Thank you and whomever else was involved for the soldier. I am absolutely pleased with how it came out.



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