Railroad Scenes

Silhouettes of railroad scenes and rolling stock cut from 1/8 inch thick steel using drawings provided by Craig Bass.  If you like trains, visit his website at craigsrailroadpages.com

Don't see what you want?  Send us a photo or drawing and we'll cut it for you!  Contact us for details. 

All our standard products are painted flat black.

Please call for more information and custom price quotes at 530-926-1676

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4-4-0 Steam Locomotive
Back in the day, steam locomotives were commonly identified by their wheel arrangement. A four-wheel..
4-6-0 Steam Locomotive
In the beginning, there was steam. The "10-wheeler" was a fine example of railroad power in the West..
Bay Window Caboose
This solid steel silhouette of a Southern Pacific bay window caboose measures 24" x 10" and is 1/8" ..
Box Car
Boxcars are still common on railroads today.  They haul almost anything and protect it from the..
Covered Hopper
Covered hoppers are used to transport dry bulk materials - wheat, rice, cement, sands, chemicals and..
Cupola-style Caboose
The standard caboose (aka waycar, cabin, crummy, and other colorful names) once used by the Santa Fe..
EMD F7 Diesel Electric Locomotive
The EMD F series of streamlined locomotives were the iconic haulers of American passenger trains fro..
EMD Switcher
In a freight yard, the switchers put it all together and make it work.  This locomotive silhoue..
This silhouette represents a 50' American flat car in 21-1/2" x 3" of 1/8" thick steel plate.  ..
GE "U-Boat" Locomotive
The "U-Boat" was General Electric's entry into the U.S. locomotive industry that began GE's rise to ..
SS&S Lower Quadrant Semaphore: Clear
This plasma-cut steel silhouette is a depiction of a Union Switch & Signal Style B lower quadran..
SS&S Lower Quadrant Semaphore: Restricting
Depicting a Union Switch & Signal Style B lower quadrant semaphore indicating "Restricting - Red..
Steel Caboose
Your typical modern caboose. Some roads called them Waycars, Vans, Crummies . . . and more. Whatever..
Tank Car
Silhouette of an American railroad tank car in 1/8" thick solid steel. Dimensions: 17-1/2" x 7" ..
Train on Trestle
Silhouette of a steam train: A 2-6-0 steam locomotive and tender pulls a box car and a combination p..
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