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Sloan’s Welding & Fabrication:
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Reprinted from the Mt. Shasta Herald, 2004

Jeff and Terrie Sloan, Custom Metal Art, Mt. Shasta, CASloan’s Welding & Fabrication owes most of its success to Jeff and Terrie Sloan’s hard work and creativity. "We began our business six years ago in our garage after the mills began laying people off," Jeff Sloan said. "I took my retirement money, bought the necessary tools, and began Sloan’s Welding & Fabrication." This summer as part of refurbishing of the Mount Shasta High School, Jeff fabricated the handrails for the handicapped access ramp and for the handicapped lift to the auditorium stage.

Buzz Knight, who owns Timberworks, the construction company that performed the high school renovation said, "Jeff does a real good job. It’s great to be able to get that quality of work locally."

Jeff also crafted the metalwork at the Mount Shasta Resort. At the lodge, he fabricated the skylights and the decorative chandeliers as well. His structural work for the resort included the metal beams and purlin hangers. He also worked on several bridges.

Towers and guardrails at the St. Germain Foundation amphitheater were also built by Sloan’s Welding & Fabrication.

During the spring and summer, Jeff works for a variety of contractors at a variety of south Siskiyou County sites: Timberworks and Fryer & Son in Mount Shasta, Pelletier Construction in McCloud, Pete Pappas in Lake Shastina. But he says he’s never too busy to take smaller jobs.

"I have portable equipment so I can repair just about anything made out of metal," says Jeff, who works in stainless steel, mild steel, and cast iron. "And I’m just getting into aluminum," he adds. Jeff says if a homeowner or business owner has an idea for something he wants fashioned from metal, he should bring Jeff a picture, plan or drawing. "From those ideas, I can satisfy just about any customer," he says.

Terrie notes that it takes a real craftsman to fashion items from metal. "It’s not like wood," Terrie says, "It’s very unforgiving. Because he is a craftsman, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that in winter Jeff rebuilds antique wood and cook stoves or refurbishes more modern wood stoves for customers."

In Jeff's words, "I can rebuild anything that’s welded."

"Jeff brings some of his reclamation projects home in paper bags or boxes," Terrie says. "When he’s finished with them they’re beautiful."

A stove in the Sloan’s shop bears witness to that fact. Though it is was built in the early 1800s, it looks as sturdy as the day it was manufactured and its silver ornamental trim gleams.

Jeff says he started welding when he was 14 and growing up on a farm. "When I arrived here, I had a year left on my G.I. Bill and used it to hone my welding skills under Byron Cross at College of the Siskiyous," Jeff says. Terrie took classes through COS and the Women’s Economic Group to be able to keep the company’s books. Both Sloans say the hard times are paying off at last. Jeff says he is proudest of Sloan’s Welding & Fabrication’s ability to work on any thing from stoves to heavy equipment. "If your backhoe breaks down and needs to be welded, I can bring my portable equipment out to your site and fix it. If you have a design for a new picket fence or BBQ cart, I can fabricate that too," says Jeff.

"When you serve the population up here you have to be able to do a lot of things." And that is exactly the way Jeff and Terrie Sloan have designed Sloan’s Welding & Fabrication.

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